Friday, 28 November 2014

Qatar Masters Open

By Moulthun Ly

Right now there is a super strong open taking place in Qatar. It has a 2200+ rating cutoff and features an abundance of top GM's over 2600. Often, while watching elite events, there may be long waiting periods while the players decide on a move, due to the small number of games. However, with so many interesting games going on that has not yet been an occurrence.

In fact, several months ago, I had the intention of playing this event but later decided not to for various reasons. This wasn't specific to this situation - it has applied on and off the board. I did feel a small sense of regret for not playing when it was possible, but this is nothing new and happens almost all the time during my games. I will choose a line only to have a change of heart shortly after.

Even at top level this can happen, for instance during the recent World Championship match when Anand missed his big winning opportunity in a crucial game. I wonder for how long that must have affected his state of mind. The best thing I have learnt to do, is take everything "move by move" and "game by game". This can happen to anyone so unless we are able to adjust, the rest of our games/tournament is pointless. So I suggest you do not overlook this, always keep looking forward.

You can catch all the live action at:

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