Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Magnus Effect?

by Junta

As a chess player, it's a nice feeling when chess occasionally reaches the non-chess public (in a positive light!). Thanks to the World Championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Vishy Anand currently going on, today I had several non-chess playing friends here in Canberra ask or talk to me about the match, and Magnus.

One chanced upon a broadcast of Game 2 on twitch.tv, the #1 broadcasting site for gamers, while another 'was watching a few videos of Magnus Carlsen this morning, beating a little girl in chess with a 30-second timer. So brutal.' Another, already a fan of Magnus, sent me a picture of watching the match on the big screen (connected to PC) in her room.

One can easily point out some of Magnus' endeavours in the last year to promote the game - continued modelling with G-Star RAW, the Play Magnus app, utilising social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and making high-profile appearances in public (opening a Real Madrid soccer match, meeting Mark Zuckerberg, playing a game with Bill Gates...).

Magnus is again in the driver's seat in this match with a lead after the first two games. I'm looking forward to seeing him promote the game in a continued reign as World Champion next year!

a screenshot from the official website, sochi2014.fide.com

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