Sunday, 14 December 2014

Australasian Masters 2014

Junta and Moulthun are currently playing in the inaugural GM norm section.

Some details taken from Bulletin #1 by Kerry Stead:


GM Event

GM Murtas Kazhgaleyev 2576 Kazakhstan
GM Vasily Papin 2502 Russia
IM Max Illingworth 2493 Australia
GM Rustam Khusnutdinov 2472 Kazakhstan
IM Moulthun Ly 2463 Australia
IM Bobby Cheng 2435 Australia
IM Anton Smirnov 2420 Australia
IM Junta Ikeda 2418 Australia
FM Luke (Zuhao) Li 2342 New Zealand
Karl Zelesco 2256 Australia

GM Norm Requirements
IM Max Illingworth – 7 points
IM Moulthun Ly, IM Bobby Cheng, IM Anton Smirnov, IM Junta Ikeda, FM Luke Li & Karl
Zelesco – 6.5 points
IM Norm Requirements
FM Luke Li – 5 points
Karl Zelesco – 4.5 points

IM Event

IM Kanan Izzat 2402 Azerbaijan
IM Igor Bjelobrk 2355 Australia
FM Greg Canfell 2349 Australia
Eugene Schon 2287 Australia
FM Robert Smith 2245 New Zealand Top seed GM Kazhgaleyev
FM William Jordan 2233 Australia
Yi Liu 2233 Australia
IM Mirko Rujevic 2211 Australia
Carl Gorka 2089 England
Mehmedalija Dizdarevic 1923 Bosnia & Herzegovina

IM Norm Requirements
All non-IMs - 7 points

Live games can be watched at
Round 2 (Dec 14): 5:30pm AEST
Rounds 3-8 (Dec 15-20): 4pm AEST
Round 9 (Dec 21): 2pm AEST

Bulletins, games (.pgn download) and final crosstables available here.

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