Friday, 7 November 2014

#1 on Tactics Trainer

by Junta

Shameless self-promotion: I've made it to the top of the list on the Tactics Trainer rankings.

Having unlimited access to the Tactics Trainer as a titled player, I'd been solving an average of around 20 problems a day since June. Answering a problem incorrectly, it gives you the same one (with the exact same variation) again after a while, and since the problem pool only had a finite amount of problems rated 3000+, soon I'd pretty much gone through them - even after answering correctly, the same ones kept coming up, so I figured it was a good time to stop. I may come back to it from time to time, but for tactics I think I will go back and resume work on the book Grandmaster Preparation - Calculation by Jacob Aagaard which I highly recommend for players rated over 2000 or so (very challenging problems)

I hadn't solved tactics online since many years ago, but this Tactics Trainer was very well made, with plenty of challenging and interesting problems for any level. I've heard that the Tactics Trainer on Chesstempo is just as good.

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