Sunday, 5 October 2014

The First Japanese IM: Ryosuke Nanjo

by Junta

In July, I posted an interview with the 2014 Japanese Champion, Ryosuke Nanjo. Back then he was rated 2344 with no IM norms, but a few short weeks in August changed everything. Becoming your country's first IM is obviously very special, but read on to find out how this case of title achievement was destined to be, from its sheer perfection of numbers.

Playing as Board 1 for Japan at the Olympiad, Ryosuke scored a strong 7/11, beating two GMs in the last two rounds:

His performance rating was just over 2450, so as per Olympiad regulations he scored a double IM norm and gained 30.8 points, bringing his live rating to 2374.8.

Next, he flew to Latvia for the Riga Technical University Open. After the Swiss rollercoaster of win-loss-win-loss in the first four rounds, Ryosuke got down to business, scoring 3.5/5 against strong opposition, beating an IM in the last round to finish on 5.5/9.

His performance rating? Exactly 2450, gaining the third and final IM norm.

His rating gain? Exactly 25.2.

2374.8 + 25.2 = 2400.0.

Ryosuke's title will be ratified at the FIDE Presidential Board meeting at Sochi in November. Congratulations!!

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