Friday, 17 October 2014

Nov 3-11: Morozevich in Action

by Junta

I've just read about a new tournament in Armenia, the Petrosian Memorial, which is sort of a replacement for the annual Tal Memorial.

Participants in the single round robin, from the chess24 article:

1. Alexander Grischuk, 2797
2. Levon Aronian, 2793
3. Vladimir Kramnik, 2760
4. Boris Gelfand, 2748
5. Peter Leko, 2731
6. Ding Liren, 2730
7. Alexander Morozevich, 2724
8. Ernesto Inarkiev, 2672

As a fan of Morozevich, I will be watching the tournament with the usual mixture of hope and fear.

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