Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Australia's Digital Chess Magazine - Founded by FIGJAM Duo

by Junta

The August issue cover

On August 1st, 2014, the first issue of 50 Moves Magazine was released. Congratulations to my good friends, FIGJAM duo Moulthun and Fedja who have launched this exciting project!

From the website,

50 Moves is Australia’s new and exciting digital chess magazine, created in PDF and PGN form to allow for easy reading. Our team of contributors features some of Australia’s chess legends and combines their knowledge and experience with the energy of our leading young stars to create a magazine which is both entertaining and informative.
What can you expect from our magazine?
— 6 issues a year covering major Australian chess news
— PDF and PGN format for easy reading
— A fascinating interview with the Australian player of the moment
— Overseas tournament reports from Ian Rogers
— Opening surveys by Max Illingworth
— Chess history, humour and trivia with Guy West
— Studies and a game of the month by Junta Ikeda
— Endgame lessons from Chris Wallis
— Chess psychology and miniatures by Andrew Brown
— Tournament reports featuring analysis from the winners
Take a look at our samples for a preview!
The second issue, full of Olympiad content, will be published later today, October 1st. The first issue spanned 83 pages, and the second looks to be just as rich in diverse and quality content.

The October issue cover

A brief review of the August issue can be read on popular Aussie blogger, Amiel Rosario's blog here.

50 Moves Magazine Facebook page

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