Monday, 6 August 2012

Lost in Limbo

By Moulthun

"I've come back for you... to remind you of something. Something you once knew but chose to forget...To take a leap of faith" (Cobb from the film "Inception")

It is often the case that many chess players will subconsciously think about the
game, or their past experiences. Though none would really admit to doing so on
a regular basis, it becomes almost like a craving for our minds. I, however admit
that it's absolutely normal, especially during tournaments. What i recall is somewhat
of a blur most of the time, in terms of the games played. There's always a lot happening
around the board taking away from my awareness. Or perhaps I'm simply not at a high
enough level to do so; I'm no Fischer or Bronstein...

So why are we talking about dreams if i don't even remember my own?
Actually I was watching an old Japanese animated film called "Paprika". Which is about a new revolutionary psychotherapy treatment, called dream therapy. Where a device allows the therapist to enter into the patients own dreams and subconscious thoughts, using an altar ego. It's quite bizarre to watch, and the writers are quite amazing to have put together such original ideas. Can be difficult though to follow the storyline, as it will take you through unexpected twists and turns. The most useful feature of the device in the film, is being able to capture and view it later on a screen. Should remember though it would be short clips, since hours in the dream state is only minutes in the actual world. :))

Somewhat reminded me of another film (which I've been stealing quotes from). But while writing this I remembered another quite famous game of David Bronstein. Although "consciously" speaking he never actually played it, just the quality of play when i first saw it was quite high for someone fast asleep. Apart from move 13, which looked pretty bad. If i ever remember any of my own games of this quality, I will be sure to post it!

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