Friday, 3 August 2012

Colouring problems

by Junta

Following on from one-colour chess yesterday, the post today is on 'colouring problems' in chess - where the solver's task is to determine which belong pieces to who, and what the last move played was - in order for the position to be legal.
Solvers are encouraged to write their solutions in the comments section.

The following problems were composed by the German composer, G. Husserl.

1. feenschach, 1986
a) K: g8 and h6, Q: h8, R: g6

b) K: g8 and h6, Q: h8, R: g7

2. Prize, Israel Ring Tourney, 1966/1971
K: c8 and d6, Q: c6, R: d8 and f6, B: a8, N: e8, P: a7 and b7

More of these colouring problems can be found at this website (page author: Philippe Schnoebelen), but be warned, they are more difficult than the ones above.

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