Sunday, 16 December 2012

A Christmas Composition

Here is a study that was unintentionally composed by Charles Zworestine and Andrew Brown, based on our analysis of my (Andrew's) game with Jonas Muller in this year's Australian Young Masters.

Black to play and win
C. Zworestine, A. Brown, and H. 1.5a w32, 2012
The solution can be seen by highlighting the text below.


If 1...Kf6 2.a5 Ke7 4.a6 Kd6 5.a7 (5.Bf4+ Kc6 -+) Bd5 6.Bf4+! (6.Bh6 Ke6 -+) Ke6 7.Bh6! draw (If 7...Kd6 8.Bf4+ and repeat the position)

If 1...Be6 2.a5 Bc8 3.Kxc4 Ba6+ 4.Kd4 h5 5.Ke5 draw (the king will be cut off from helping the h-pawn advance.)

2.a5 h4 3.a6 h3! 4.a7 Bd5!! 5.Kxd5 h2 6.a8=Q h1=Q+ Black wins

Unfortunately, here it must be pointed out that the third contributor to this study, Mr or Ms H.1.5a w32 actually turns out to be the computer engine Houdini. Initially this was a "White to play and draw" study, with the second line beginning with 1...Kf6 having been found by Charles and myself. It was only when I had to check over it with the computer that it found the amazing line beginning with  1...h5!.

Nonetheless, I found it to be thoroughly delightful, and hope you enjoyed it too.


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