Friday, 23 November 2012

Commonwealth Championships 2012: Day 0

by Junta

After finishing my uni exams for the year on the 20th, I left Canberra at 6am the next morning and arrived at the hotel in Chennai around 24 hours later via Sydney and Singapore. This is my second time in the city after the World Juniors in August last year. The room and food are better this time, but unfortunately there is no Wi-Fi in the rooms, only in the lobby.

I'm here to play in the 23rd Commonwealth Championships, 11 rounds from tomorrow, the 23rd, until December 1st. The pairings for Round 1 were released just before, and out of the 454!! participants (about 400 being domestic players), I am seeded 50th. Here is the link:

Round 1, Board 50
Ikeda (AUS, 2304) - Sai (IND, 1654)

The opening ceremony was held in the evening - the venue is a massive indoor stadium, and it seemed to be quite hot inside, I hope it will not be too bad during the rounds.

I feel good about this tournament (post-exams inspiration?) so I look forward to enjoy playing the games. I'll blog a bit when I have time, and with the games Moulthun has agreed to annotate them so I might send them to him each day (unless I have time to post them myself).

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