Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tal Memorial 2011 tipping!

Superior knowledge of the rules will lead 'Charlsen' to victory

The highest rated 10-player round robin (Category 22 with average 2776) to ever grace the chess world begins tonight (Games at 10pm AEST).
The participants are below.

# = World ranking on the November FIDE rating list
#1 Magnus Carlsen, Norway, 2826
#2 Viswanathan Anand, India, 2811
#3 Levon Aronian, Armenia, 2802
#4 Vladimir Kramnik, Russia, 2800
#6 Vassily Ivanchuk, Ukraine, 2775
#8 Sergey Karjakin, Russia, 2763
#10 Hikaru Nakamura, USA, 2758
#12 Peter Svidler, Russia, 2755
#14 Boris Gelfand, Israel, 2744
#20 Ian Nepomniachtchi, Russia, 2730

Here are the predictions for 1st-5th from the FIGJAM contributors. As our World Cup tipping didn't go so well (though Fedja 'mysteriously' predicted all of the top 8), let's hope someone will hit the jackpot this time. With Nepom as bottom seed and each player capable of winning the big events, every game will be tough.

Andrew's predictions:
1st-2nd: Carlsen, Aronian 6/9, 3rd: Kramnik 5.5/9, 4th-5th: Anand, Svidler 5/9

Fedja's predictions:
1st: Charlsen 6/9, 2nd-3rd: Anand, Kramnik 5.5/9, 4th-5th: Nakamura, Aronian 5/9

Junta's predictions:
1st: Kramnik 6/9, 2nd-3rd: Carlsen, Nakamura 5.5/9, 4th-5th: Aronian, Gelfand 5/9

Moulthun's predictions:
Such a tough tip, and mind you I've never picked any winner right before.
1st-2nd: Karjakin, Ivanchuk, 3rd: Kramnik, 4th-6th: Carlsen, Aronian, Hikaru

Sam's predictions:
1st-2nd: Anand, Carlsen 6/9, 3rd-4th: Kramnik, Ivanchuk 5.5/9, 5th: Aronian 5/9

Final reports on last year's edition, won by Karjakin, Aronian and Mamedyarov with just 5.5/9, can be read here and here

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