Thursday, 29 August 2013

Pre-Japan League training games

by Junta

A day before the Japan League tournament (August 10-13), I played some training games with good friend and Japan's top active player Shinya Kojima at his home and nearby beach.

We played 2 rapid (25+10) games and 8 blitz (3+2) games.

At Zushi Beach, Kanagawa Prefecture

Rapid, Game 1

Actually, 35...Rd5+ was a big mistake on my part, and White was wrong to resign after 36...Rxh5 - the rook is trapped after 37.g4 Rh6 38.h5, and it's still anyone's game after 38...Rf6 39.Nxf6+ Bxf6 or 38...Nc2 39.g5 Nxa3 40.gxh6 Nxc4! Instead, 35...Rxg2 was the right move, when White is pretty much in zugzwang and must quickly give up a piece!

Rapid, Game 2

White let Black equalise too quickly with Black's development advantage outweighing White's bishop pair, but active play with ...e5 or ...f5 was delayed for too long, and White was able to get an attack going on the kingside. Even after 20.g5, objectively Black is still fine, but letting White capture on h6 was too much.

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