Friday, 20 January 2012

Tata Steel Chess 2012 Pictorial Report

"I tried to play like Anand and make 3 draws at the end" - Hikaru Nakamura on what caused his collapse at Reggio-Emilia

Today I travelled to Wijk aan Zee to have a look at the Tata Steel Chess tournament. As I'll be playing the amateur event from tomorrow until the end of the tournament, I thought I'd bring you a short pictorial report from today.

Gashimov and Karjakin share a joke before the game.

But they weren't laughing much later when Karjakin went down to Gelfand.

While Ivanchuk took care of Gashimov.

Aronian was happy to take a quick draw with Van Wely and maintain equal tournament leadership alongside...

 World number 1 Magnus Carlsen, who was in deep thought early against Giri - that game was a hard fought draw.

 Radjabov and Topalov analysed their game in the press room.

As did Pentala Harikrishna, my tip to win the B-group, who is on 4/5 after drawing today with Erwin L'Ami

 Jan Timman showed his nice win against fellow Dutchman Sipke Ernst in a press-conference

Last year's winner Hikaru Nakamura was in good spirits after notching up his first win this year against David Navara, so I thought it would be a good time to ask him for a photo.

 And finally, just for Moulthun, a photo of Gata Kamsky.

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