Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Marvelling at Super GMs' play

by Junta

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A great website I visit daily when elite tournaments are being held is .

Conducted since May 1st, the website has:
1. a live, informative FIDE rating list of players rated over 2700; and
2. a game viewer with all of their recent games you can play through.

Personally, I find the quality of the top players' games quite inspiring, and although I usually just play over all of the games from the previous day, it can be a good training method to pick a game, choose a side (2700+) and after the opening stage, compare the moves you come up with to the one played.

Some memorable recent games (which made me smile while replaying them) are:
Caruana-Berg, European Club Cup (2) - great endgame technique.
Gelfand-Jobava, European Club Cup (3) - a queen sac in the style of Ivanchuk.*
Moiseenko-Morozevich, Saratov Governor's Cup (3) - a mobile queen.
Ni Hua-Morozevich, Saratov Governor's Cup (4) - R's+P's overpowering RBN.

* - Examples (I'm sure there are more of them in the database):
1. the famous 'Final Fantasy' game against Jobava in last year's Olympiad

After 11.Qd2xRe1
2. an interesting battle from this year's Greek Team's Championships
38...Be5-f6 0-1
3. the classic from the 1996 Wijk aan Zee with 21.Qg4-g7

4. the win over Karjakin in the 2008 Amber (Rapid) named 'Speed Racer'


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